Privacy Policy

We care about privacy as much as you do. This website uses only a minimum of information provided by third-party services that are needed in order to operate.

Our services

Narrenschiff is made of:

This privacy policy is only in effect for The subdomain is hosted by Read the Docs, and it is covered by their privacy policy.

Data we collect

We collect only one type of data: anonymized analytics. And the website uses the following technologies:

Why do we collect your data?

We collect only the most basic data that we need in order to run a meaningful operation of this website. We don’t advertise any third party or run any affiliate marketing.

The analytics is used to provide us a more clear picture of how our visitors are using the site, giving us insight into the popularity of our content, and how many visitors are actually interested in our content. This informs us which pages are most liked so we can produce more relevant content.

Sharing information with third-party services

All analytics data is an aggregate data collected by Plausible. No personal or identifiable data is collected or stored.

All server logs are handled by GitHub, and are beyond the reach of the Narrenschiff authors and maintainers.

We cannot see or infer in any way the identity of our visitors, or track them across the Internet (nor do we care to do so) – neither from the logs nor from the Plausible analytics. Likewise, we do not and cannot sell any personal data to third-parties.

Your information is secure

This a static website, which does not connected to any database, block, or object storage service. The site is hosted using GitHub Pages.

Collected data (i.e. analytics) are kept by third party services. Namely:

Deleting your information

The website does not collect any personally identifiable information. Therefore we do not have a way of deleting the information since we do not keep any information about you.


This website is not using cookies.

Compliance with regulations

We regularly review this policy, and are making sure that we are compliant with relevant regulations.

About this policy

This policy takes effect on 5.9.2021. This policy will be reachable to you at any moment on this page, and any cookie consent form will be up to date with the latest policy changes.